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Tokyo Milk Margot Elena

Margot Elena's meticulously crafted brand libraries overflow with luxuries beautifully balanced in design, fragrance and formulations. Always mindful that her products add beauty and meaning to their environment, Margot Elena designs her brand worlds down to the last endearing detail on each package. In her signature style, each item is created to perform as an absolute favorite and to feel like a treasure to hold and to keep.
Unprecedented for her truly hands on approach to all aspects of her business, Margot Elena relishes her many creative roles, acting as designer, visionary, entrepreneur, product developer, "really good nose," marketer, merchandiser and stylist. A rare blend of creative and business mindsets, she has been lauded for her prolific design and product development skills. Able to objectively manage both sides of the business successfully from concept to market, her coordinating world of products fills every market need, with touch points from bed to bath. Margot Elena continues to charm her customers with beautiful, well-thought-out treasures to fall in love with, it's no surprise that retailers and customers alike wait in anxious anticipation to see what will be next from this trend leading visionary.
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