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Cassandra Connolly

Cassie is a British surface pattern designer living in picturesque Herefordshire, UK. She loves to design elegant, playful patterns in sophisticated colour palettes. Inspired by fairytale and folklore narratives, her adventures, moments in time, and the poetic magic of nostalgia; her designs are romantic and femanine, using naïve, organic forms combined with a timeless narritive to create holistic, magical prints. From the pearls of creativity, she wants to leave a legacy, helping people to create memories through her designs and make the everyday magical.

For as long as she can remember she has loved textiles. Coming from generations of painters, dressmakers, tailors and seamstresses, it’s unsurprising that subliminally that is where life decided this was the direction it would take her in. For even longer than she can remember she has been creative.

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