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Neptune & the Mermaid

Welcome to an uncommon place.  This mysterious yet sophisticated collection transcends the traditional and transports you under the sea where everything is not quite what is seems.  Punked-up classic patterns pair with surreal scenes where mermaids float with guardian goldfish, octupus' swim in an ocean of rose bouquets, and vintage divers plunge the depths through floral rings to follow the song of the Siren.  When I play in the world of TokyoMilk and the cotton fabric collection, Neptune & the Mermaid, I am wanting to bring you on a journey where you must look twice to capture all there is to see.  It is a visual narrative told in dreamlike ephemeral collages, realised in rich, vivid colours to mix and match.  This is the beginning to a story only you can fully tell.  The collection can be paired and coordianted to inspire creations that are pretty as you please, or as unexpected as you dare - in many ways this collection is a "choose your own adventure" - an enchanted ocean awaits.... are you curious?

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