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Anita Jeram 'Guess How Much I Love You - When I'm Big'

Twelve years after the original Guess How Much I Love You story by Sam McBratney, the nutbrown hares return for a new adventure.
Out in the fresh spring air, the two Nutbrown Hares see a tiny acorn growing. 'Someday it will be a tree,' says Big Nutbrown Hare. Then they spy a tadpole that will grow up to be a frog, a caterpillar that will turn into a butterfly, and a nest of eggs that will one day be birds. Suddenly Little Nutbrown Hare turns to Big Nutbrown Hare and laughs. 'What does a little brown hare like me turn into?'
Designed by the book's illustrator, Anita Jeram for Clothworks, these gorgeous spring fabrics are a wonderful choice for children's bedrooms and other nursery projects.
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