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Samantha Walker

Here's what Samantha says about her job : I love what I do! It should be illegal to have this much fun working. When I create, I feel as though I am discovering a part of myself that I didn’t know was there, because I am often surprised at what comes out of me. I don’t always picture exactly what it is that I am creating, before I make it. I have a general idea, but then the idea evolves-- it follows various tangents, and becomes a derivative of my original idea. It is fun to see where the creative side of your mind brings idea spurs another, which can have a snowball effect, and often can turn into an avalanche of ideas. Right now you can find my designs on scrapbook products, electronic dies, home decor items, and of course fabric. I work from home, which can be a blessing, and a challenge. I am a Mom to 3 little ones...okay, 2 little ones, and one big kid that I am baffled at how fast he has grown up. I have learned that I cannot have my plans for the day set in stone. I have to be flexible, or I would go crazy. On days that get crazy, I try to set aside my work, and save it till the kids go to bed. When I’m not working, or being a Mom..I enjoy hanging out with my neighbors chatting...I really do love to talk. I like to cook fabulous food that makes others feel loved when I concoct something for them--like tamales, mile-high apple pie, or a fresh loaf of wheat bread. I like to travel with my family, take our 1992 lifted Landcruiser out on Mountain trails, and take the kids to the city pool for mandatory Mom fun time. My favorite pastime is second hand shopping at my local thrift shop for clothes...there is a surprising amount of inspiration in people’s discards. I love vintage “anything.” From textures to colors, lace and doilies, retro shapes--both clean lined and funky designs. Please visit me online at:
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