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Skirting Around the Edge......

As I think I managed to hoover (still doesn't sound right saying 'Dysoned'!) the last of last years' Christmas Tree needles just last week I think I'm going to have to embrace the 'skirt', it's got to make life easier hasn't it?  Found these lovelies trawling the net, all with varying degrees of complexity (lets see how much time we've got hey?!).

Amy Butler's Got One with Buttons

Fabric Shack Amy Butler Christmas Tree Skirt Free Sewing Pattern

Peek a Boo Patterns Have One with Ties on Craftsy

Free Download

Fabric Shack Peek a Boo Patterns Craftsy Free Christmas Tree Skirt Sewing Pattern

RJR Fabrics Have a Cute Train Applique Pattern

RJR Fabrics Fabric Shack Free Christmas Tree Skirt Sewing Pattern Applique Train & Track

Moda Bakeshop do a Pieced One

Need a Nine Degree Wedge Ruler Though - Worth Getting I Think!

21.11.17 Moda Bakshop Heather Kojan Quilts Free Christmas Tree Skirt Sewing Pattern Fabric Shack

Some food for thought.......  And if none of them ding your jingle bell, a whole heap can be found on the Quilt Inspiration Blogspot



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