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Gift It Then Stitch It! Christmas Fabric Gift Wrap Ideas

I've been having a trawl for fabric gift bags to wrap my Chrissie pressies and have stumbled upon quite a few different ideas.

The Japanese art of Furoshiki seems a good starting point and oh, so easy peasy!  Buggy & Buddy have a great set of instructions and include how to decorate the fabric yourself.

Fabric Shack Sewing Quilting Sew Fat Quarter Cotton Buggy Buddy Furoshiki DIY Stamped Painted Gift Wrap

Craftsy comes up trumps again with a couple of ideas and some free patterns for those who just need a starting point.  These are cute and really easy from Shiny Happy World.  They would also make great wedding or party favour bags.

Fabric Shack Sewing Quilting Sew Fat Quarter Cotton Shiny Happy World Christmas Gift Wrap Wedding Favour Treat Goody Bag Craftsy Free Pattern

Want something a little more complex?  This is a really straight foward free pattern from Do It and How for lovely gift bags (and size up to use as a shopper afterwards!).

Fabric Shack Sewing Quilting Sew Fat Quarter Cotton Do It and How Tote Gift Bag Wrap Christmas

 Why not make the wrapping the present?  This is a great free tutorial and pattern from In Colour Order's Blog which gives you a choice of eight sizes!  Would make a lovely bathroom travel bag, especially if you lined it with a waterproof lining (get a cheap shower curtain!).


Fabric Shack Sewing Quilting Sew Fat Quarter Cotton In Colour Order Free Tutorial Pattern Draw String Bag Christmas Wrapping


All these lovely ideas now, and still haven't finished the shopping (eeek!).  Just need to choose a lovely Christmas Fabric to make it and voila.....  I'm done.  If it was only that easy huh?!





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