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Getting Organised - I've Actually Looked Up the Last Posting Dates for Christmas

Not the most tantilising exciting of subjects, but I'm pleased with myself that I've managed to actually find out this year what the last posting dates are for Christmas and key places I need to send to around the world rather than heading to the post office way too late and sending the obligatory 'sorry, but have a good one anyway' message via text....

Okay so if you're sending to very foreign parts, you need to get a wiggle on; China & Japan need their bits and pieces before the 6th, yes, that's next week!  Our antipodeon pals in New Zealand and Oz will need their Standard International parcels by the 9th.  Our Canadian and American friends will need theirs by the 14th (pretty good I think!) and any parcels going to Europe need to be before the 13th December (France, Spain, Ireland are slightly later at the 15th).

In the UK, the last Second Class post is the 20th December and First Class 21st December. 

I have to say our local posties have been utterly wonderful this year, they really pull out all the stops if you need them and haven't once let me down.  We generally send by 2nd Class postage and this invariably gets there the next day if we get it in the post in the morning (seriously, unless it's really urgent, there really is no need to go for first class post).  I sincerely hope they have a lovely Christmas.

Don't forget at the Shack we generally have our post collected in the morning which means to be on the complete safe side, make sure any fabrics or notions you need prior to the big day are ordered the day before the last postal date.

If you need any further info, the #itsneverjustpost info is at

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